Director of the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting Ihor Burakovsky is sure that signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union will enhance competitiveness of Ukrainian products and expansion of markets for its sales. 

As Burakovsky noted in interview with BTB TV channel, the agreement with the EU will introduce European standards of production, on which orient not only European but also Asian manufacturers. "This means that by introducing these standards, we are raising the quality level of our manufacturers, allowing to compete not only in Asia but also in the European Union," he said.

The expert recalled that Ukraine exports to CIS 36.8% of the total food exports, to Europe - 25%, even 25% - to Asia. Asia, he said, is a more promising market in dynamics. The expert pointed out the need to introduce a certification system and the relevant EU standards for each particular enterprise.

"If we carry out the relevant requirements of the EU, we will be able to expand our market presence in South Korea. South Korea has an agreement to support the EU standards. If our standards are European, we automatically get access to this market," Burakovsky said.


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