Natural gas is not the cause of the explosion in an apartment block in Luhansk, chairman of the board of the PJSC "Luhanskgaz" Luhansk gas company Serhiy Kuzmenko said.

According to him, this is evidenced by the nature of the damage in the epicenter of the event.

"Explosion of natural gas requires that all doors and windows in the room are tightly closed, there are no leaks and drafts. Given that it is summer, all the apartments are aired, it is hard to imagine that the room was isolated from the fresh air for a long time. - Kuzmenko said. - In addition, there was no burning at the scene, it also indicates that the reason for explosion wasn’t gas".

Chairman of the Luhanskgaz called attention to the propane cylinder found in the entrance of the affected building. Such balloons are used for the repair, in particular for the installation of suspended ceilings. 

Now a special commission works at the scene. "We are going to draw up our conclusions about the cause of the explosion when we will be given permission to enter the destroyed house," Kuzmenko said. 


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