The migration situation in Ukraine in recent years has undergone some changes. In particular, there is an increase in illegal border crossing by citizens of the former Soviet Union, primarily Georgia, Russia and Moldova, the press service of the State Border Service of Ukraine reports. 

"In 2012, 68% of migrants detained for illegal border crossing and other offenses, were from the post-Soviet countries, mostly from Moldova (740), Georgia (219), Russia (119 - natives of Chechnya), Azerbaijan (92), Armenia (84), Uzbekistan (72), Tajikistan (59), Kyrgyzstan (50) and Kazakhstan (17)," the statement reads.

In the first half of 2013, their share is 65% of the number of migrants detained for illegal border crossing and other offenses. Mainly they are citizens of Moldova (217 people), Georgia (111), Russia (56 - natives of Chechnya), Armenia (32), Azerbaijan (16), Uzbekistan (14), Tajikistan (11) and Kyrgyzstan (6).

The number of cases of use of the procedure of legal entry, the student channel and use of the procedure for obtaining refugee status for temporary legalization of foreigners in Ukraine, in particular, by the citizens of Somalia, Afghanistan and Vietnam. It The flow of Syrian citizens because of the unstable situation in the country has also increased.

In general, says the State Border Service, the situation this year shows that the pressure of illegal migrants on the border of Ukraine is not reduced. Moreover, illegal aliens are trying to find new ways to illegally cross the border.


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