The U.S. is interested in Ukraine's energy independence, as well as in its European integration. This will be the main priority of the newly appointed U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt. He stated this in an interview.

"My main priority is to support the European choice of the Ukrainian people. I plan to pay special attention to this issue - until the beginning of the Vilnius summit. The U.S. Embassy continues to support democracy and human rights, economic development, improved health care and energy independence - so that Ukraine finds its future in a free and peaceful Europe. In the coming months Ukrainian leadership has an historic opportunity to move towards European integration, and I will call to take advantage of this opportunity," Pyatt said.

The ambassador also said that American companies are ready to help Ukraine to achieve energy independence.

"It is clear that energy security will play a key role for the future of Ukraine. U.S. companies are also ready to help Ukraine to open its energy potential. We want to help Ukraine achieve true energy independence," he said.

Speaking about the future of U.S. policy toward Ukraine, the ambassador stressed its continuity as well as a huge strategic importance of our country.


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