Health problems of the residents of Horlivka due to accident at the ammonia plant of the Stirol concern have not yet been observed, resident of city Mykola Maximchuk said in comment to ForUm correspondent.

In particular, he stressed that he lives three kilometers from the plant, and have not yet noticed any significant changes. "I do not feel smell of ammonia in my area, it is felt only if come close to the plant. Neither my family nor my friends have problems with health, however, many consult with the doctors what to do if they feel discomfort and headaches," he said.

However, Maximchuk added that there is a slight panic among residents. People prefer not to go out, close the windows, do wet cleaning in the houses.

"Some do not let children come out in the street until the situation becomes clearer, because we know very little and learn more information from the news than from the city authorities. Such a situation provokes unnecessary rumors and inaccurate information," he added.

Maximchuk noted that plant workers were advised not to leave homes and ventilate the rooms. "We call each other on the phone, because we do not know is there a threat to our health or not," he concluded


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