The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine considers desecration of the national symbols by musicians of the American rock group Bloodhound Gang as boldly and insulting, acting spokesman of the U.S. Embassy Luke Shtele stated, commenting on the situation with desecration of flags of Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

"At the same time, we firmly believe in freedom of speech, which is a universal right enshrined in the U.S. Constitution and the General Declaration of Human Rights. Rock band Bloodhound Gang decided to exercise its rights in a disgusting manner, insulting the U.S., as well as the Ukrainian and Russian people during its concerts in Kyiv and Odesa," Shtele said.

"As the U.S. Embassy has no relation to this situation, we redirect all requests for detailed information to the organizers of concerts and the Bloodhound Gang musicians," the acting spokesman of the U.S. Embassy noted.

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