Share of counterfeit medicines in the domestic pharmacological market is less than 1%, first deputy head of the State Service of Ukraine on Medicinal Products Inna Demchenko told a press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to her, there is a very strict regulation of medicines in our country.

In addition, Demchenko said that there is criminal liability for counterfeiting.

However, she noted that Europe has even tougher requirements for drugs, and not only for fraud but also for false labeling and low-quality products.

She noted that according to the WHO statistics, 87% of poor quality, and falsely labeled counterfeit drugs get to the patient through unlicensed selling points, particularly via the Internet, and only 13% - through pharmacies and hospitals.

Demchenko stressed that the most frequently counterfeited medicines are those, which are actively advertised. "This year, for the first time in Lviv, we have identified a case of falsification of drugs to lower blood pressure ... this is a serious threat to life," she said, adding that within 6 months of the year, the Service issued 65 orders to ban counterfeit drugs in Ukraine.


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