The admission campaign 2013 had finished in Ukraine. For this period Ukrainian higher education institutions have accepted 2 200 100 applications from 703 800 applicants. Today, before noon, admission commissions must publish the ratings of future students. Now applicants have four days (till August 4) to submit original documents to a higher education institution, where they are recommended for admission.

ForUm went to see the "first wave" of admissions to Kyiv universities.

National Dragomanov's Pedagogical University has attracted a capacity crowd. It is already after noon, 12:30, but the ratings have not been published yet. Applicants and their parents are waiting impatiently at the entrance. Officials of the admission commission explain that the delay is caused by malfunction of the computer system and promise to fix within 20 minutes. 

"I also submitted documents to Kyiv Borys Grinchenko's University, and at 10:00 I already knew I was admitted, but here..." applicant Ilona, who chose the faculty of "Correctional teaching", told ForUm.
Ilona adds she has decided to come personally to check the lists, and not through Internet. Other applicants also say that the e-ratings are full of mistakes, it is better to come to the admission commission in person.

National university of food technologies published the ratings at 10:00, as scheduled, and everything is calm and quiet here now.

There is a special display board near the admission commission.

A consultant says that officials of the admission commission were making the lists all night long and hung them out early in the morning and got a citation from the rector. No scandal with unsatisfied applicants has happened yet.

A couple of parents is crying over the lists - their son has not been admitted to the faculty of International economy.

"Teaching there is in English only, even the classes of physical trainings. But things did not come around as they were expected, and may be for the better. This faculty does not have master course. Where would he go after graduation?" they reflect.

Some applicants compare paper lists with e-ratings on their laptops and complain that the rating system regularly freezes up.

National Shevchenko's University is also not crowded. Those who did not find their names in e-ratings have come to check paper lists, just in case.

Other applicants do not suppress their joy. This girl has found her name among public contract students and is calling everyone to share the news.

In an interview to journalists, Rector of Shevchenko's University Leonid Guberski informs that this year there have been 51 thousand 894 applications submitted to the university's faculties. It is a record-breaking number comparing to past years and the biggest number of applications among universities of Ukraine.

According to the rector, "tourism" is the most popular faculty of 2013 with 90.9 applicants per seat. Among other popular faculties there are "advertising and public relations" of the Institute of journalism (58 applicants per seat) and a number of faculties of natural cycle: geography, mathematics, mechanics, computer engineering, informatics, system analysis. The most popular faculties of the Institute of philology are " Oriental languages" - the Chinese language and literature, Arab, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean and Turkish. There are no incomplete faculties this year.

On August 5 the rating lists will be updated, excluding those students who decide not to submit original documents.  The next days applicants face serious thinking, as their choices will determine their future.

Anastasia Pika, photos by the author


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