Five higher educational institutions of Ukraine did not receive any applications from entrants, the Education Ministry press service informs.

Top five includes "Financial and Legal Police Academy" LLC,  private university "Krychynina Interregional Academy of Business and Law", the South Slavic institute of higher education institution the Kyiv Slavonic University, College "Slavic-Greek Collegium" (Kyiv Slavonic University ), the Sevastopol Economics and Law College of the private university "Crimean Institute of Economics and Commercial Law".

In addition, top ten higher educational institutions with the lowest number of applications included the Ukrainian Institute of Linguistics and Management (4 applications) the Strytiv Higher Pedagogical School of Cossack's art (5), the Khmelnitsky College of Technology and Design (7), the Poltava Institute of Economics and Management "Svitoch" (9), the private university the Kaniv Environmental Information and Technology College (12).


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