The draft law on prosecutor's office provides for elimination of 122 prosecutor’s offices and reducing the powers of the remaining ones, adviser to the President Andriy Portnov, who oversees the development of the law on the prosecutor's office in the Administration of the President, said in interview.

"122 special prosecutor’s offices, all military, environmental, transport prosecutor's offices, will be eliminated. The fact is that they lose almost all of its functions and powers after the elimination of general supervision and the function of representation in the courts of the state. We introduce a unified three-tier system of prosecutors - will be the local prosecutor's office (similar to the district), regional (the analog of the Crimean republican, regional, Kyiv and Sevastopol city prosecutors) and the Prosecutor General's Office. This means that the city prosecutor's office in the regional centers will be also liquidated," he informed.

Answering the question of how significant the reduction of prosecutor’s offices will be, Portnov said: "The law requires the Prosecutor General to optimize the structure of the Prosecutor General's Office, and the Government and other authorities - to make related activities, such as part of the budget planning. I am sure that the Prosecutor General will find the correct and wise decision on how to optimize and redeploy the forces that will remain after the elimination of general supervision, in other intellectual areas under the authority of the prosecutor's office. We believe that a prosecutor should appear, who will be able to focus on the practice of criminal proceedings, to go deep into it, and to have a more serious approach to the procedural aspects of the investigation. As a result, we have to get better crime detection".

Commenting on timing of entry into force of the law, Portnov said that the elimination of prosecutor’s offices will start immediately, this process is limited to six months. "The same term is set for the creation of self-governing bodies, qualification commissions. We expect this process to be completed in the second half of 2014. General supervision shall be liquidated after the creation of all the necessary bodies," Portnov summed up


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