United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said that Ukraine needs to improve the system of granting refugee status.

"The system of asylum in Ukraine still requires fundamental improvements. It needs more protection from refoulement, raising the level of fairness and effectiveness of the hearing," a statement on the website of UNHCR with reference to the report on the assessment of the asylum system in Ukraine reads.

Based on these problems, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees advises other states not to return individuals, who are seeking asylum, to Ukraine.

According to the report, Ukraine still needs to improve the protection of asylum-seekers from being sent to the countries, which they fled from. "There is also a need to create conditions for a transparent and fair examination of asylum applications, including, for example, strengthening the independence of the individuals who make the decisions," a statement says.

UNHCR remains ready to work with the Ukrainian government to help implement the recommendations contained in the report. "We have already prepared draft amendments to the regulations relating to the health services and employment for asylum seekers," UNHCR says and notes that the proposals are aimed at bringing Ukrainian legislation to European standards.


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