Dialogue with foreign investors will make Ukrainian market opener, economic development and trade minister of Ukraine Ihor Prasolov said during constituent meeting of the Ukraine-EU Dialogue on business climate on July 25.

The participants of the meeting discussed issues related to improving the investment climate in Ukraine and development of entrepreneurial activity, in particular, taxation, customs sphere, standards harmonization. Special attention was paid to current issues faced by Ukrainian and European companies in the course of bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

"We want to point out that progress in solving problems. We have a continuing dialogue, including with representatives of the European Business Association, the American Chamber of Commerce. I am convinced that our dialogue is a real opportunity to bring trade and economic relations between Ukraine and the EU on a higher level through discussions, assessments and proposals, to make Ukrainian market more open to foreign investors, promote business development and economic growth," Prasolov said.

He noted that the meeting will promote bilateral trade and effective solution of problems in the area of trade and investment. Timely exchange of information between public authorities and the close cooperation with the business are very important factors in achieving this goal.

The head of the European delegation, deputy Director General of the General Directorate of the European Commission's "Trade" Peter Balazs said that they are ready for a constructive discussion of the issues, because it will not only give positive results of this meeting, but in general will be an impetus for further deepening the partnership between Ukraine and the EU.

They expressed confidence that the beginning of informal dialogue should be a powerful signal for the business communities in Ukraine and the EU on new opportunities for the growth of business activity.


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