Birth rate remains low in Ukraine. This is evidenced by results of Multiple Indicator Cluster survey conducted in Ukraine in late 2012, director of the Institute for Demography and Social Research Ella Libanova informed.

"In general, the birth rate in Ukraine is low. The highest rates are in western Ukraine - 17 children per 10 women. The lowest birth rate is in the north of Ukraine - 13 children per 10 women," she said.
Libanova noted that the fertility rate in rural areas is higher than in city. "In rural areas the rate is 1.9 children per woman, and in city - 1.3," she concluded.

Director reported that the higher level of education a woman has, the less children she has. "13 children are born per 10 women with higher education, while 19 children are born per 10 women with secondary education," she said.

She also added that the poorer family is, the more children it has.

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