Chief of the Interior Ministry department in Kyiv Valery Koriak said that last night, cracking down the rally participants' in the Independence Square in Kyiv, the “Berkut” special forces officers did not beat anyone, and no order was given to use force against journalists, ForUm correspondent reports.

"Officers of Berkut fulfilled all the requirements of the orders and instructions. There were no violations by the police. There were no orders to use force against members of the media. Nobody beat anyone. We are ready to confirm it with our videos. Information that someone beat journalists is an attempt to artificially create social tension, nothing more," Koriak assured.

"I have a request to all journalists. You see how the police work. Police are allowed to use force and special means, allowed by law, to secure order and prevent violations. In this case, the non-lethal weapons were not used. I request reporters not to be in the epicenter. Inevitably, someone will push, come on foot. We should not interfere with job of each other. Please go near, shoot, no one touches you," he said.


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