United States Ambassador to Ukraine John Tefft, who is completing a mission in Ukraine, said that the choice of the European Union has greater prospects for Ukraine, than the choice of the Eurasian Community, however good neighborhood with Russia is also important. 

"In your country, in fact, there is a big discussion about this, which we are following. However, the President chose what I consider good policy, Ukraine should be part of Europe and at the same time trying to maintain good relations with Russia. The United States is not against it. We see the future of Ukraine in Europe, but we understand that Russia is an important neighbor, given the history, traditions and economic ties, and you have to work with it. However, when it comes to choosing a particular union and when it comes to customs and other economic issues, in my opinion, the European Union opens greater prospects," he said in interview.

He also noted the importance of the reforms, which Ukraine is working on with the aim of signing the Association Agreement with the EU.

John Tefft expressed the hope that the agreement with the EU will be signed. "Then in November we will be able all congratulate each other and be proud of what has been done, not only of the fact of signing the agreement, but of the fact that Ukraine is moving in the direction we all want: a democratic state with a market economy, governed by the rule of law".


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