The tradition of forming shadow governments is unlikely to take root in Ukrainian politics, chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Rybak says in the article "Political shadows ... and political realities", published in the parliamentary newspaper "Voice of Ukraine" on Friday.

Speaker notes that, as a rule, shadow politics has two main missions: impartially criticize the current government and propose alternative state development programs.

According to the speaker, the cause for shadow policy is doomed is simple and obvious. "Ukrainian politicians, with rare exceptions, are trying to build their shadow politics, so to say, "on one leg"- on crushing and not objective criticism of the government. They forget about the second important pillar of the shadow politics - alternative to government programs. They care even less about the control functions of the opposition, about being governmental "shadow", which emphasizes the possible failures of government and corrects them with their own specific programs and offers," the Parliament’s press office quotes Rybak.

In his view, shadow politics, failing to form in Ukraine, degenerated into a kind of a policy of "political shadows", which are "desperate to get back into real politics without offering any constructive ideas, innovative reforms of society, or large-scale programs of creation".

"All the energy and political leanings of the oppositionist political shadows of the past focused on the criticism, to be exact – on unbridled carping of everything in the country. 

It is difficult to understand whether it is tactics or strategy, but the consequences of such a policy are already evident in the attitudes of society, loss of reference points, disillusionment with the institutions of power, including the Parliament," Rybak summed up.


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