The border department of the Federal Security Service of Russia in Krasnodar region said that fishing boat with Ukrainian sailors abruptly changed course towards pursuing guards and crashed into a Russian motorboat.

"The Russian border guards found the Ukrainian launch the night before. After futile attempts to contact the violators, commander of border boat decided to move closer at the allowable distance and inspect the vessel. However, a launch headed to the coast of Ukraine. The border guards started pursuing it, giving audio and pyrotechnic signals to stop the fugitives," the statement reads.

The message says that "trying to break away from the Russian security forces, the intruders made a dangerous maneuver - abruptly changed course in the direction of pursuers, violating the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea".

"As a result, the boat pulled hard on the border aboard the boat and capsized," said in a statement. One member of the crew was lifted on board.

"The man said that on board of a launch there were several other people. Russian border guards immediately started to rescue people," the department added.


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