The parliamentary majority decided on a date of repeated elections in seven majority constituencies. The vote will take place on December 22 that, according to representatives of the Party of Regions, will avoid "provocations of the opposition" on the eve of the EU-Ukraine summit in November, first deputy chairman of the Party of Regions Mykhailo Chechetov stated, Kommersant-Ukraine reported.

"Our principal position is to hold the elections in seven constituencies on December 22," the deputy stated.

He specified that this date was determined in response to the parliamentary opposition to call the elections in autumn - September or October. "We (the Party of Regions. - Ed.) wanted to hold elections in August, but the opposition did not agree. They wanted to postpone elections till the autumn in order to prevent the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union and then accuse the government of failure. We told them that there would be no elections before the summit, only in December," Chechetov said.

The opposition members did not agree with the date of the elections proposed by the opponents.

They insist to set the date of the elections in early September, after the opening of the next parliamentary session and given a 60-day election campaign to hold them in early November.

Chechetov claims that in early September, the Party of Regions will hold consultations with the opposition on this issue.

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