Representative of Ukraine in the Eurasian Economic Commission (Customs Union) Viktor Suslov believes that Ukraine's possible membership in this organization does not contradict the draft Association Agreement with the European Union. He told this in Sochi.

According to him, the Article 39 of the draft Association Agreement with the EU directly provides for the right of Ukraine to conclude other customs unions, including the Customs Union of the Common Economic Space.

"Even basing on this norm, we could continue moving towards the Customs Union. I can not say for sure - it is a political decision - that it will end with Ukraine's full membership in the Customs Union. However, adherence to any agreement, in fact, means, partial membership in one form or another, and it is quite possible," Suslov said.

He added, that the same rule provides that Ukraine can develop relations and be a member of other customs unions, if it not contradicts the association agreement with the EU.

According to him, neither technical cooperation nor relations between Ukraine and the Customs Union in many other areas contradicts the EU interests.


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