Construction of a well for shale gas costs about $ 5 million, deputy head of the Party of Regions Serhiy Kliuyev said during a roundtable at the Gorshenin Institute, ForUm correspondent reports.

The MP added that in this way the formation of the basic "bush" from 6 wells costs about $ 30 million "In Ukraine, the cost of extraction of unconventional gas is not yet clear, but in the U.S. costs about $ 100 per 1.000 m3 - our gas is 4 times more expensive. There 250 billion m3 of shale gas is mined annually, which is 40% of the total gas production. In many ways, this is the second "gold rush" for U.S., an energy boom," the MP said.

In turn, the former energy and coal industry minister Serhiy Yermylov said that the United States use environmentally sound technologies for extracting shale gas, which are constantly being improved. "We see a good example in the U.S., when the nation found a way out of the situation, being before dependent on gas supplies from the outside. This example can be applied in our country," the expert stated.

MP Taras Kutovyi noted that companies Shell and Chevron will set the highest standards of unconventional gas production in Ukraine.


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