President Viktor Yanukovych said that the policemen, who committed a crime in the village of Vradiyivka in Mykolaiv region, should be punished publicly and to the fullest extent of the law, the head of state announced during a ceremony of taking the oath by the judges appointed to the positions for the first time in Kyiv on Thursday, Ukrinform informed.

"We remember the incident in Mykolaiv, when policemen brutally beat and raped a young girl. There is no place in law enforcement agencies for the perpetrators of this crime. They should be punished publicly to the full extent of the law," he stressed.

The head of state recalled that the case is under his personal control. "I took the case under my personal control and will not tolerate impunity, especially when it comes to those who must protect people, but not to break the law," Yanukovych said.

He also emphasized the fact that the punishment of those guilty in the case, "who happened to serve in police", should not become an excuse for their chiefs.

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