Territorial conflicts are possible in Ukraine, defense minister Pavlo Lebedev said in interview.

"According to experts, the territorial integrity of Ukraine is not under threat in the next seven years. However, territorial conflicts, dictated by economic motives, are possible. I do not want to name specific countries, which are able to unleash a conflict," he said.

According to Lebedev, the Defense Ministry, the National Security and Defense Council, the President as commander in chief, closely follow the geopolitical situation, in which our country is.

"We also use the data of research institutes. We understand the environment, in which we are. Our neighbors are the NATO countries, and the nuclear state - Russia. Based on these estimates, it was decided that the size of the army should be 122 thousand people," he said.

"Now it counts 182 thousand people, of which 70 thousand people serve in combat units and 115 thousand - in sustaining units. In 2017, the size of the army will reach 122 million people, of which 65 million will serve in combat units," the minister said.


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