Justice minister Oleksandr Lavrynovych believes that the possibility to amend the Constitution at a referendum should be left for discussion in the area of policy, but not regulatory acts, he told a briefing in the Cabinet of Ministers, commenting on the conclusion of the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe concerning the law on national referendum, ForUm correspondent reports.

"We left this issue for discussion at the level of political party, but not at the level of compliance with some documents, because any claims cannot be made in this case," Lavrynovych said.

The minister noted that there are appropriate recommendations of the Venice Commission. "We must pay attention to the conclusions of the Venice Commission not only in 2013 but in previous years. It is not quite right to give two different conclusions on the same issue. But they are. There are solutions that do not meet the standards of the European Court of Human Rights. So it is not necessary to exaggerate this issue," he stressed.

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