By his decree of April 25, 2013, the President brought NSDC decision on security of national water resources and provision of qualitative drinking water to people into force, the press service of the head of state reported.

The decision emphasizes systemic nature of threats of depletion and pollution of water objects, high amount of water used in the production at Ukrainian enterprises that exceeds recovery capacity of aquatic ecosystems in conditions of predictable restriction of global water resources suitable for consumption, inappropriate technical conditions, depreciation and insufficient branching of centralized water supply and draining systems obsolescence of water treatment technology.

Thus, the Cabinet of Ministers received an instruction to significantly improve conditions of drinking water supply, systems of centralized and decentralized water supply and draining, legislative base. Moreover, the Government must ensure proper funding of the given measures providing for respective allocations in the elaboration of State Budget for 2014 and further years.

The propositions of the NSDC are the following: elaboration and approval in three month term of the Water Strategy of Ukraine until 2025; elaboration and approval in six month term of national standards on additionally purified drinking water, bottled drinking water and packaged drinking water poured into the container of the customer.

The government must also elaborate and approve in six month term a plan of actions on economical use of water resources.

Moreover, the Cabinet of Ministers and the Council of Ministers of the AR of Crimea are instructed to elaborate and approve in two month term a plan of actions on reduction of pollution of inland sea and territorial sea in order to prevent the increase of anthropogenic effect on the environment and restore the ecosystem of the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea.

Under the decree, the Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry of Ukraine, the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry of Ukraine, the Health Ministry of Ukraine and the State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine must ensure joint elaboration and approval in six month term of the technique of drafting projects of land management on setting the borders of coastal buffer zones of water objects.

The Ecology and Natural Resources Ministry of Ukraine together with the State Service of Geology and Resources of Ukraine must draft and approve rules of protection of groundwater.

The State Agency of Water Resources of Ukraine together with the Council of Ministers of the AR of Crimea, regional, Kyiv and Sevastopol CSA must conduct inventory of protective hydraulic structures in the course of 2013 and submit proposals on urgent measures aimed at ensuring their proper conditions to prevent emergencies.  

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