Party of Regions MP Volodymyr Oliynyk believes that the relations between Ukraine and Russia are now developing under the most unfavorable scenario, he said on the sidelines of the international scientific conference devoted to the situation and prospects for the Russian-Ukrainian relations on Tuesday, Ukrinform informed.

"The current development of our relationship is proceeding under the most adverse scenario," Oliynyk said.

According to him, Russia has set for Ukraine one of the highest in Europe prices for gas and is not going to revise it. "And even the Kharkiv agreements, for which we are still criticized by our opponents in parliament, have not changed this shameful situation. We promised the people, believing the promises of President Medvedev that after signing the Kharkiv agreements Russian gas prices will be reduced. So what? These promises have been hanging in the air for three years now," the MP said.

According to him, this policy of Russia is puzzling.

"What is Russia striving for? Making Ukraine a hostile state? You must all remember a quote of the famous Sovietologist Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book The Grand Chessboard - only with Ukraine Russia is a world power, and without Ukraine just a regional," Oliynyk added.

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