Over three million people came from Ukraine to Russia in 2012 to work, to visit relatives or to study, chief of the Russian Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky stated at an international conference dedicated to the Russian-Ukrainian relations on Tuesday.

"In particular, we registered over 10 million entries of Ukrainian citizens to Russia last year. This is a fifth of all foreigners who come to Russia," Romodanovsky said.

The annual number of those entering Russia from Ukraine is growing steadily and this tendency can be observed over the past years, Romodanovsky said, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

"According to the information of the National Bank of Ukraine, laborers sent their families $6.5 billion in 2012. Russia remains a leader here with $2.3 billion [35% of total volume]," Romodanovsky said.
With a salary of around $1.000 and monthly transfer of $500, these people could have transferred several billion dollars to Ukraine in three years, the Russian official said.

According to the information of the Federal Migration Service, the total number of labor migrants from Ukraine to Russia amounted to 1.35 million people in 2012, Romodanovsky said. If all the labor migrants from Ukraine were legalized in Russia, then the total number of official money transfers would grow several times, he said.

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