The Security Service of Ukraine has sent for trial the case of the chief coach of Ukraine's athletics national team, accused of appropriation of one million hryvnias, allocated for participation of Ukrainian sportsmen in international competitions, including 35th Olympic Games in London, press office of the Security Service reports.

The department also informed that the main investigation directorate of the Service had finished pretrial investigation into the criminal case and accused the coach of embezzling and appropriation of means (article 191, paragraph 5), abuse of power and service rank (article 364, paragraph 1) and official fraud (article 366, paragraph 2).

As a reminder, in August of 2012 stellar athletes of Ukraine accused managers of the sports federation of appropriation of budget means.

The investigative commission, formed on September 3, 2012, revealed discrepancy in the financial reports of the federation.

In particular, according to reports the federation allegedly held athletics training on Russian base for army sportsmen in Kislovodsk, Russia. At the same time, Russian Defense Ministry informed that the base had already been inactive by the time mentioned in the documents. According to the report, one training in Kislovodsk cost the budget 21 thousand dollars. The commission found 12 similar reports for the period of April 2011 - July 2012. The total amount of confirmed financial frauds made one million 315 thousand hryvnias. The reports were submitted by chief coach Konstantyn Stepantsov.

On October 10, 2012 the State service on youth and sport of Ukraine decreed to fire manager the national athletics team Ruslan Russu  and chief coach Stepantsov.

Stepantsov was arrested in November, 2012 and accused of embezzling of state budget means. He spend three days in a pre-trial detention facility, after which the court released him on bail.


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