The decision of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine is aimed at ensuring the comprehensive development of the nuclear industry in the country, strengthening its energy security and developing international cooperation in this area.

NSDC secretary Andriy Kliuyev said this, while commenting on the NSDC decision of June 5, 2013 regarding the development of the nuclear industry and the creation of the nuclear fuel cycle in the context of ensuring Ukraine's energy security, which was approved by a decree of the Ukrainian President, the press service of the NSDC secretary reported.

Kliuyev said that nuclear energy currently plays and will continue to play a key role in energy supply in the country and is seen as one of the factors for ensuring economic growth in the state. Therefore, urgent issues of its functioning and further development have been submitted for discussion by the NSDC.

Kliuyev noted that the issue concerns a number of tasks and measures to improve public policy in the energy sector, improve the safety of nuclear reactors at Ukrainian NPPs, develop the nuclear industry, including certain stages of the domestic nuclear fuel cycle, ensure financial and economic recovery of enterprises operating in the industry, and ensure a proper level of protection for the developments and inventions of Ukrainian scientific institutions, Ukrinform informs.

The NSDC secretary said that in the medium term, Ukraine has no real, economically feasible alternatives to nuclear energy, and stressed the need to ensure government, scientific and technical support for the industry.

The NSDC secretary stressed that Ukraine intends to continue its active cooperation in nuclear energy and security at the international level.

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