In Ukraine, only 8% of donors are paid for donating blood, head of the healthcare reform and development department of the Healthcare Ministry Yevhen Morozov told press conference, ForUm correspondent reports.

"92.5-93% of donors donate blood for nothing, and 7-8% - are paid. However, this fee is symbolic: 160 UAH per a liter of blood. We pay UAH 60 for a blood donation norm of 450 milliliters. They say that drug addicts go to donate blood. After all, they would not have been able to buy anything for this money. It's not a big sum," he stressed.

Moroz added that today there are 75.7 million people in Ukraine, who have the status of honorary donors.

However, he reminded that the number of donors in Ukraine reduces every year. "The total number of donors in 2012 amounted to 605.8 thousand people, with a decrease of 54.5 thousand if compare to 2007," Moroz said.


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