In May of 2013, consumer prices in Ukraine grew by 0.1%, and since the beginning of the year they have risen by 0.2%, the State Statistics Service reported.

"The consumer price index (CPI) amounted to 100.1% in May 2013 and 100.2% since the beginning of the year," reads the statement, Ukrinform informed.

Consumer prices for food and non-alcoholic drinks remained unchanged on the consumer market in May.

The largest increase (by 4-1.5%) was reported in prices for vegetables, sugar, and fruit. Prices for pork, poultry, pasta, rice, dairy products, non-alcoholic drinks, fish and fish products rose by 0.9-0.2%. At the same time, there was a significant drop (by 16.8%) in prices for eggs. Prices for lard, milk, sour cream, processed cereals, cheese, beef and sunflower oil shrank by 2.6-0.1%.

A rise in prices for alcoholic beverages and tobacco products by 0.6% was primarily caused by a rise in prices for tobacco products by 0.9%.

Prices (tariffs) for housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels fell by 0.1% due to the reduction of tariffs for hot water and heating - by 0.5%.

An increase in prices in health care by 0.2% is mainly associated with the seasonal rise in prices for spa services by 1.6%. In addition, there was a 0.3% increase in prices for pharmaceutical products.

Price for transport as a whole remained unchanged. The tariffs for passenger transportation by rail fell by 1.4%, and the price of fuel and lubricating oil shrank by 0.8%. At the same time, the cost of transportation by air and road transport grew by 1.3% and 0.8% respectively.

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