MPs from Batkivschyna faction Vyacheslav Kutovy and Volodymyr Kupchak declared that they are leaving their faction.

The MPs made a statement at a press conference hosted by Interfax-Ukraine on Thursday.

Kupchak, explaining his resignation, said that the Batkivschyna faction betrayed ex-Premier Yulia Tymoshenko, who had called for the end of the "Rise Up, Ukraine!" campaign.

Moreover, the MP reported that after voting for the law on a remedial bank, which wasn’t supported by Batkivschyna, he received threats from the faction’s leader Arseniy Yatseniuk, including threats of physical violence.

"Yesterday I had a conflict directly with Arseniy Petrovych [Yatseniuk], where I heard definite threats, including the threat of physical reprisals and that I would gain a personal enemy for my whole life," Kupchak said.

In turn, MP Kutovy supported his colleague and added that when he came to the Parliament, he learned only "to block the rostrum."

Kupchak and Kutovy called on other Batkivschyna MPs, who are dissatisfied with their leadership, to follow their example. Kupchak said there were about 30 such MPs in the faction and suggested that they might also soon leave the faction.

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