Your child every day demands "sea", swimming suit and sundresses gather dust in the wardrobe, and when your colleagues leave on vacation you try hard not to be envious. It means it's time for you to go on vacation as well. And it does not matter what you will choose - Black Sea coast with traditional ride "banana", Azov Sea coast with its therapeutic muds and noisy discos or the Carpathians slopes. What matters is thorough preparation, which includes purchasing train tickets beforehand.

ForUm has analyzed what directions are the most popular, and citizens of what regions should hurry to catch the train. As a reminder, tickets can be purchased 45 days before the actual date of departure. Moreover, do not forget that the situation with seats changes constantly - some camp counselor, for example, buys dozens tickets at once, while someone else turn them in.

Rushing to the sea

As of 4 p.m. of June 5 the situation with tickets to south directions is as follows. Tickets are still available from Kyiv to Simferopol and Sevastopol for June - beginning of July, except for the days before Trinity Sunday: for June 21 to Simferopol all tickets have been sold out, and only eight seats in luxury cars have left to Sevastopol.

Kyiv residents who plan on vacations in Feodosia in mid-June still have time to purchase their tickets - there are available tickets even for the next week. Those who plan to visit Feodosia on Trinity Sunday, though, should hurry up, a only 22 seats have left in third-class sleepers. Similar situation is observed on the eve of the Constitution Day - the tickets are snapped up like hot cakes. Kyiv residents, who plan vacation in Feodosia for the beginning of July, should run fast, as there are only 11 available seats in third-class sleepers have left for Friday, June 5.

If you plan on visiting Evpatoria the next week, you should hurry. There are only four seats left for Friday, June 14: three seats in sleeping compartments and one third-class sleeper. There are still tickets for the end of June - beginning of July, but it is better not to postpone the purchase.

Tickets from Kyiv to Odessa, Mykolaiv and Kherson are available either for tomorrow or in a month. The only exception is June 21, eve of the Constitution Day.

For funs of Azov Sea tickets are available to Kerch for the next two weeks. The only problem days are June 21 (only 13 seats in third-class sleepers have left) and June 29 (only nine seats), but not rush is expected for other dates.

Those, who plan on going to Mariupol next week, especial on the eve of Trinity Sunday, should hurry, as only 15 seats in third-class sleepers and three luxury seats have left. Donetsk is also very popular these days - only 15 seats in the third-class sleepers have left from Kyiv, but there are still seats for "Intercity+" trains.

The situation is more complicated for citizens of western regions. From Lviv to Simferopol, for example, there are only three seats in third-class sleepers and several seats in sleeping compartments and luxury cars have left. Tickets are still available for the beginning of July, but not so many.

There are also tickets available from Lviv to Mariupol, but those who want to go to Azov Sea coast by the end of June should hurry. Meanwhile, there are no problems with the tickets to Odessa, both for June and July

Go West

Almost all tickets are sold out for the next Friday, June 14 from Kyiv to Ivano-Frankivsk - only two seats in third-class sleepers have left. As for June 21, there are only ten seats in luxury cars remain. There are only five seats in luxury cars on the eve of the Constitution Day, but for the regular working days there are still tickets available to the Carpathian region.

Kyiv residents who want to visit Lviv these days also should remember about June holidays. For example, there are only seven seats in third-class sleepers and 21 seats in sleeping compartments have left for June 21. However, there are many seats available in "Intercity+" trains, but the prices are somewhat high - UAH 445 in the first-class car from Kyiv to Lviv and UAH 300 in the second-class car.

Volyn direction is rather unoccupied. In particular, there few tickets from Kyiv to Kovel for the next week, but till the end of June - beginning of July available seats are still many.

Odessa residents who want to go vacation to Western Ukraine should not worry, there are plenty of seats available in this direction, except for June 21, of course - all  tickets are sold out to Chernovtsy, and only two seats in third-class sleepers and four seats in sleeping compartments have left to Uzhhorod.

It is pretty tough to buy tickets from Simferopol to Lviv. Almost all tickets are sold out till the end of June - there are some dates you still can find seats in sleeping compartments or luxury cars, but for the most popular days the seats are no longer available. Traveling from Lviv to Mariupol is also complicated, though the situation is a little bit better - there are some seats available in third-class sleepers.

Don't sleep

"Ukrzaliznytsya" repeatedly calls upon travelers to book and buy tickets beforehand. Booking is now available though internet. It is possible to buy or book a ticket online on the official website of "Ukrzaliznytsya", but only with a bank card. If you don not have bank account, the service is not available.

If you buy ticket online, you can withdraw it from a cash desk on the railway station. The expiry date of withdrawal will be shown during the online order. If you buy a ticket directly, no commission is taken, but if you just book a ticket, you should deposit 17 hryvnias of advanced payment and pay in full in a cash desk of the railway station while withdrawing it. If you buy a ticket for "Intercity+" trains, you can print out your ticket at home, and if you have troubles with making an order, you can call the support service, which is supposed to explain you the steps and walk you through the process of booking online. The practice, however, shows that call-operators are not the most welcoming people in the world, and you will have to fight for obtaining a piece of information.

Press office of "Ukrzaliznytsya" also told ForUm that booking and selling online is convenient for both, passengers and railroad. The fact is that the railroad should estimate everyday passenger flow in advance. Thus, for example, Kyiv central railway station can service not more than 67.5 thousand passengers per day. On regular days the flow makes about 20 thousand passengers, but it increases on holidays - the passenger flow made 55 thousand people on Easter and May holidays.

Summer period is hot in all senses. According to the press office, "Ukrzaliznytsya" increases the number of seats in trains by 30 thousand per day in one direction. In total, there are 93 seasonal trains, including 75 trains in Crimea direction, running from various regions of Ukraine and CIS in summer period. However, additional trains is not a reason for passengers to lower their guard and buy tickets at last moment. As the saying goes, it is the early bird that catches the worm.

Alina Yeremeyeva


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