Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov states that Ukraine has over the last three years raised the question of changing the terms of the gas contract at all meetings with Russian colleagues, he said, opening a government meeting on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister denied allegations that the government was not holding talks with Russia to amend the gas contract signed in 2009 and said that this question could be resolved only through talks.

"According to experts and lawyers, as a result of the betrayal of national interests by the previous government, the contract was made advantageous to Russia and disadvantageous to Ukraine so that it can be terminated only through talks. And paying the legal costs for trying to cancel the contract would mean delivering another blow on Ukrainian citizens," Azarov said.

In this regard, he described as misleading the statements made in the media by opposition representatives that the current authorities have never attempted to terminate the contract.

"Opposition politicians, who are directly responsible for the signing with Russia of an extremely disadvantageous gas contract to Ukraine, are spreading misleading information that the authorities allegedly made no attempts to cancel these one-sided agreements. Moreover, these political parties are initiating a lawsuit against the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine regarding the government’s inactivity in this issue," he said.

Azarov called on citizens to trust only official reports from official sources.

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