Cooperation with the Customs Union Member States does not obstruct the European integration course of Ukraine, advisor to the President - head of the Main Department for International Relations of the Administration of the President of Ukraine Andriy Honcharuk told a briefing.

"This course remains strategic for us. Taking into account the fact that Ukraine and the Customs Union countries are interested in cooperation with other countries, the third countries, other associations, it is clear that the relevant process within an appropriate framework should not create obstacles and problems," Honcharuk noted.

He, in particular, confirmed that the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union remains unchanged goal for Ukraine.

"Thus, certain events, which will take place, as we hope, in the near future, namely, the conclusion of the Memorandum on deepening cooperation between Ukraine and the Customs Union, will in no way create obstacles to the further development of our cooperation with the countries of the European Union" advisor to the President of Ukraine summed up.


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