Russian Gas Society President Valery Yazev does not exclude concessions to Ukraine in the price of Russian gas in the case of the possibility of a loss of the contract.

He said this at a press conference in Moscow, a UKRINFORM correspondent reported.

"It is bad to lose markets, and no one says that it is good, but if there are force majeure obstacles, they may be not overcome. This is a negotiation process, this is business and risk. I approve of Gazprom, which has been keeping the high price (for Ukraine - Ed.) and receiving normal profits, but if there is a possibility of loss of the contract, then the price will be reduced a little bit," Yazev said.

According to him, this business logic exists not only in the sale of gas, but also other goods.
At the same time, Yazev stressed that Russia is actively cooperating with Ukraine on gas issues. He reminded that Ukraine is one of the largest consumers of Russian gas, and the transit to Europe is conducted through its territory.

"We are working constantly, offering options - as exchange of assets between Gazprom and Naftogaz; we are ready to use this gas transportation system together with Ukraine; we have a number of other joint programs," Yazev said, adding that such cooperation is realistic only if it meets the national interests of Russia.

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