Ukraine lags behind the European Union in bioenergy development, president of Ukrainian Agribusiness Club Dr. Alex Lissitsa said at the International Bioenergy Forum, ForUm correspondent reports.

According to expert, the share of biomass in the energy balance of the country is 6 times less than in the EU. "This is particularly worrying given the fact that we are committed to strengthening energy independence. However, the prospects in this area are significant, and we should make every effort to open and effective use this reserve," he said.

In turn, industry analyst Oleh Perehon reminded that since 1 January 2013, the law on production and use of motor fuels containing bio-components has been effective in Ukraine. "So far, manufacturers have to voluntarily add 5% bio-ethanol gasoline. The following year, the rate will be mandatory, and in 2016 it will reach 7%. The goal is to gain energy independence and the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol on the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere," the analyst explained.

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