Chairman of the Central Election Commission, elected out of the current members of the Commission in the event of resignation of the incumbent, will work one year until the next rotation, to be held in June 2014, chairman of the Central Election Commission Volodymyr Shapoval said in interview.

He recalled that in a year there will be raised a question about the formation of the new composition of the CEC, as a seven-year term of office of all members of the CEC runs out in June 2014, except of Oleksandr Osadchuk, who was appointed in February 2010.

"One of the options: In 2014 Parliament shall appoint new members upon recommendation of the President, and members shall elect a chairman. If, for example, I am dismissed in the near future, the CEC members could theoretically elect a chairman from among themselves even before the appointment of a new member of the CEC. However, this chairman, indeed, will be elected for one year, except of Osadchuk," Shapoval noted.
"Or, say, a new member of the CEC is appointed instead of me, and the current membership of the commission elects him as a chairman. Whatever it is, the CEC chairman is appointed by law for the duration of his term as a member of the CEC. Then you can not withdraw the chairman, it is within the law," he added.

"You know, the work of the organizer of the elections in Ukraine is objectively very different thing than the kind of work, for example, in Germany or Switzerland. It is very important that a man, capable of withstanding course towards impartial and legal work of the CEC, obtains this post today, tomorrow, next year, in two years, etc," current chairman of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine summed up.

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