Chairman of the Central Election Commission Volodymyr Shapoval is ready for any decision about his further stay in office after reaching the age of 65, which is the maximum for a public servant.

"In any case, I do not fell any discomfort for a variety of reasons," Shapoval said in interview.

"In this regard, I performed all the necessary steps, required of me as a public servant. I will not go into details. I can explain one thing: the members of the CEC in accordance with the law on the Central Election Commission are appointed by the Verkhovna Rada upon recommendation of the President," he recalled.

"When I addressed the top officials, I heard that I could still work. It is known that amendments to the relevant law are adopted, according to which a public servant of the first category after reaching 65 years of age may continue to hold office if there is his consent and consent of the body, which appointed him. I thanked for the proposal and said that I have doubts about continued stay in office," the head of the Central Election Commission said.

"On the other hand, I can not say right now that I refuse to - it would be absolutely inaccurate. I am ready to talk on any issues," he said.

On May 25, Shapoval will reach 65 years.



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