Kyiv City Council secretary Halyna Hereha said that the session of the City Council won’t be closed today, and the City Council will continue its work.

"I won’t close session today. If it is not closed, it is not the last meeting," Hereha told a briefing before the City Council sitting, commenting on rally outside the KCSA and installment by them of a counter, which counts down the final days of the council members of current convocation.

According to her, deputies continue working as usual and already fill the agenda of the next meeting of the session.

Hereha said it is still unknown when the next sitting will be held, but when the date will be determined, media will be informed of it.

City Council secretary noted that deputies are not going to go on vacation and set to work on solving problems of the city.

Halyna Hereha also noted that the Kyiv City Council will work within the law.
She assured that she and the deputies did everything possible to appoint elections in Kyiv. In particular, they sent address to the Verkhovna Rada. According to Hereha, the deputies of the Kyiv City Council of the current convocation will comply with decision of the Parliament and the Constitutional Court.


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