Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Rybak condemns beating of journalists during a rally in Kyiv on May 18.

"Such events mustn’t occur. I have never supported fights between the deputies, the more I will not support beating of reporters. Those guilty must be punished. This is a very bad example for our society," he told a briefing after conciliation board, ForUm correspondent reports.

In addition, speaker said that today he will send a letter to interior minister Vitaly Zakharchenko with a request to come to the Parliament tomorrow, May 21.

Responding to a clarifying question whether tomorrow Zaharchenko will report to MPs, Rybak said: "I will prepare the letter, but at the moment I do not know, maybe he's on a business trip. If he is in Kyiv, we will invite him to provide explanations and tell about situation, which occurred".

As for coming of the heads of the GPO and the SBU, according to the speaker, this issue will be decided by the temporary investigative commission, which parliamentarians are planning to create tomorrow.


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