The problem of unwanted infertility concern 6.8% of Ukrainian families or about 1 million married couples.

According to the Healthcare Ministry, referring to the official statistics, the level of infertility in our country remains low - 3.5-2.8 per 1.000 female population and 0.5 male population.

The Ministry informed that the low level of reproductive health of women before pregnancy gives consequences during pregnancy and childbirth. Despite the slight positive trend, the level of disease of pregnant women, which affected the course of pregnancy, childbearing and the state of a newborn, remains high. Every fourth pregnant woman has anemia, every seventh has diseases of the genitourinary system, every sixteenth - diseases of the circulatory system, the Healthcare Ministry informs.

Despite the fact that the quality of somatic and generative health of the population of Ukraine is still not in line with international standards and significantly affects the frequency of complications in childbirth, its share in recent years has decreased from 40.8% in 2008 to 30.7% in 2012 .

The Healthcare Ministry added that the proportion of normal childbirth increased in Ukraine from 59.2% to 69.3%.


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