Kyiv City State Administration has no plans to go to court, and to prohibit holding of mass events and political events scheduled for May 18, deputy chairman of the KCSA, chief of staff Oleksandr Puzanov stated, the press service of Kyiv City State Administration informs.

"We managed to reach an agreement with the different political forces for their actions not to interfere with each other and not interfere with festivities for the Day of Europe," he said.

According to him, public organizations and political parties filed about 15 applications to hold events in the capital center.

"There are many those wishing to conduct their activities in the city center, so negotiations were long and intense. In the end, all political forces antagonists agreed that on the Day of Europe Ukraine has to demonstrate to the world not fights between supporters of different political views, but peaceful co-existence of people in a democratic state," Puzanov noted.

He also recalled that traffic in Kyiv center will be blocked up in connection with the activities.


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