The Justice Ministry proposes to improve a procedure for rendering services at administrative service centers, having amended the basic law “On administrative services.” 

The relevant legislative amendments were made public at the Ministry's website with the aim of a public discussion, the press service of the Justice Ministry informs.

“The proposed amendments to the existing law “On administrative services” are called to regulate at the legislative level the terms of a “single window principle” and an “organizational unity principle” and approve a procedure for rendering administrative services according to these principles,” a statement reads.

It is also proposed to introduce a new approach, according to which administrative services, which are rendered by relevant bodies through administrative centers, will be performed directly by the officials of those bodies.

The Justice Ministry expects that as a result of relevant legislative amendments high-quality consultations and services for citizens will be introduced. At the same time, the officials, who will render relevant services, will be responsible for rendering qualitative and timely services, Ukrinform reports.

Introduction of a mechanism for rendering administrative services on the single window and organizational unity principles will allow substantially simplifying a procedure for receiving services, since it shifts a duty for receiving various adjustments, certificates, etc. to the officials, which will render administrative services. By this a relevant procedure will not only be simplified for citizens, but will promote overcoming corruption factors in this process.

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