Orthodox Christians and Greek-Catholics celebrate Easter Sunday on May 5 this year.

Believers commemorate Jesus, who after going through a lot of suffering in the human body was resurrected from the dead and revealed his divine nature and bestowed salvation upon people. Before the Resurrection of Christ, even righteous people did not enjoy paradise and eternal bliss after their death. Only after Jesus sacrificed his life for all the people and atoned the sins of mankind, each got the opportunity to receive eternal life in heaven following a righteous life on earth. As Holy Fathers say, God, becoming a man, made it possible for a man to become God.

On Easter night, the Holy Fire will come down in Jerusalem Temple. Then the bells will ring across the world, people, carrying elegant baskets, will gather in churches, here and there cheers of "Christ is Risen" and "Truly He is Risen!" will be heard. In the morning, it is time to meet with friends and family. We will congratulate each other on Easter, exchange blessed Easter eggs and cakes with bright powdering and believe in that we are to become definitely better.

On this occasion, ForUm asks famous Ukrainians what they like to wish our readers for Easter.

Ruslan Koshulinski, MP, "Freedom" (Svoboda) union, deputy speaker:

- Easter holidays are something great! It is happiness, joy, pleasure! My home is a Lviv suburb. There is a big park there, "Shevchenkovski Hay", and a church in it. In soviet times teachers of the local school used to guard the entrance, but I studied in a different school and they did not know me in person, so I could pass quietly.

The preparation process is also very interesting. Local men, for example, smoke sausage. I also know how to do this and do it with great pleasure. Apart from traditional dishes, our family also cooks a family dish for Easter. Easter holidays are fun! I wish everyone to celebrate, eat well, get enough sleep and smile often. Christ is Risen!

Volodymyr Vecherko, MP, Party of Regions faction:

- Christ is Risen! I wish our citizens an opportunity to travel freely to the European Community countries. We have been fighting for introducing visa-free regime since 2006. Our direct duty is to achieve this goal and contribute to the completion of all necessary procedures in 2014. And, of course, I wish you all prosperity, happiness and health.

Archpriest Andriy Tkachov, rector of Temple of Reverend Agapetus of Pechersk (UOC MP):

- Christ is Risen! On this day, I wish all the Ukrainians, who have not done that yet, to read the Gospel. I wish all Orthodox Christians not to ruin the holiday with incontinence in food and drink after the fast.

Volodymyr Yavorivsky, MP, Batkivshchyna faction:

- Christ is Risen! On this great holiday I wish Ukraine to resurrect as a great state. I wish the resurrection of the Ukrainian spirit, national culture, economy, our spirituality and our rights!

Eustratius Zorya, bishop, head of the information publishing department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchy:

- I would like to wish optimism and belief in the better future. This is a good holiday, which proves that even when one thinks everything is lost and the Teacher is dead, He resurrects and gives new life. It is a good time to be filled with optimism, regardless of life and social circumstances.

Ostap Stupka, actor:

- Easter is a bright holiday, and I want to wish the Ukrainian people kindness, happiness, enlightenment, cleverness and freedom.

Ivan Drach, poet, writer, founder of the People's Movement of Ukraine:

- On this occasion I want to wish all Ukrainians happiness and prosperity. I wish people believe in each other and fight for truth and honor. God grant you all good health!

Ivan Havryliuk, honoured artist of Ukraine:

- Happy Easter to all Ukrainians. I wish you to respect and appreciate each other, to be proud of what you are, to keep honour and dignity and remember that you are Ukrainians. And health, of course. The most important is to keep the honour and not to sell it for money or titles. Personally, I will celebrate Easter in the village house I was born in with the hope for something new and good to come, and I definitely will go to consecrate the Easter cake in the church.


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