Easter basket is not complete without dyed Easter eggs. For this Ukrainian mistresses prepare them beforehand. There are two types of Easter eggs - plain and decorated with designs. Plain Easter eggs (krashenky) are very easy to make. You just need to boil them in coffee, tea, onion skins, brilliant green or any coloring agent. After such processing, egg shells turn brown, orange, red or green.

Easter eggs decorated with design (pysanky) are more difficult to make, and the technology of preparation is complex. The process requires wax, paints and special tools. However, the very process is fun, and every egg turns unique.

It is not easy to make such an Easter egg with no special training or knowledge. After all, you need to stick to a particular technology for the paint to lay down evenly. Moreover, the design should be chosen wisely, as a pattern on an Easter egg has a symbolical meaning. Masters of painting claim that the right pattern is able to attract health, wealth, and love in one's life.

So, in search of knowledge about painted Easter eggs, ForUm correspondent visited “Soborna” gallery at the spiritual and educational center named after the Resurrection of Christ. Here, master classes in painting Easter eggs have been held already for the two years. Anyone is welcomed on any Sunday before Easter.

One group consists of 20 people maximum.

Master classes are held mostly for children, including disabled and oncology patients. "Some pupils attend classes for several times in a raw. Many of them get carried away and decide to study painting art in the future," Natalya Lymarenko, manager of master-classes and member of the Union of craftsmen of Ukraine, told ForUm.

At the beginning of the lesson she gives children the work materials - empty eggs, candles, wax.

At home you can paint sound eggs, but eggs being prepared in the center will become a decoration in the Cathedral, thus they were "emptied" before the process.

First you need to draw a design with a pencil.

It is not always easy for young masters to decide on the design...

And when the design is finally ready...

... it is time to use a kistka (a copper funnel attached to a handle).

Wax is scooped into the funnel, heated and then drawn on the egg, over the design made with pencil.

Then the egg must be degreased with vinegar and put into a paint.

And this is not all. The wax on the egg must be heated with a candle and removed with a tissue.

And voila, a little Easter wonder is ready.

As they say, made in Ukraine.

"Easter egg is not just a beautiful egg. It is a prayer to God, and a wish, if you give it to someone. It has a hidden deep sacred sense, so you should treat this symbol with respect," master Natalya Lymarenko says.

According to the popular belief, painted Easter eggs are amulets that bring good luck. Therefore, if you receive such an egg as a gift, accept it with gratitude, and give your friend or a beloved one another one in turn. Even if you cannot or do not want to paint eggs, remember that you can use special stickers. After all, the most important thing is the spirit of bright Easter holidays.

Alina Yeremeyeva, photos by Viktor Kovalchuk


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