Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka explains that the decision of the European Court of Human Rights does not require the release of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko as the Court did not discern politically motives.

"European Court found that the mere fact that Tymoshenko was a political figure did not prove political persecution, that is, the court pointed out that there is no politics in the Tymoshenko’s case," Prosecutor General said in interview with Inter TV-channel.

Pshonka stressed: "The conclusion and explanation is the following: the decision of the European Court does not lead to release of Tymoshenko, it does not require her release".

According to the Viktor Pshonka, the ECHR did not confirm improper conditions of Tymoshenko’s detention, video surveillance, lack of medical care. "Moreover, in this part, the court acknowledged that no violation occurred and that Tymoshenko has received and is receiving medical care at a higher level than the average person does," the Prosecutor General noted.

He explained that, after examining the complaint, the ECHR found a violation of the rights of ex-prime minister only in terms of arrest and detention, but it does not concern itself sentence.

"The entire process of criminal trial of Tymoshenko was conducted under norms of the old Code of Criminal Procedure. Today, a new Code of Criminal Procedure is in force, and it prescribes the measures of restraint, which the old Code of Criminal Procedure lacked," Pshonka added.

According to him, Ukraine actively eliminates the remarks, made by the European Court, at the legislative level.

As for the possibility of Tymoshenko’s release based on the ECHR's decision, according to Pshonka, the ECHR did not consider the issue of release and unlawful judgment. He also informed that Ukraine has three months to appeal against this decision. 


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