Memorials, like the Alley of Military Glory in Kyiv, should appear in other regions of Ukraine as well, Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov said at the opening ceremony of monument to the Heroes of the Soviet Union Heorhiy Berehovyi and Amet-Khan Sultan, ForUm correspondent reports.

He stressed that unveiling of these monuments is a rather outstanding event, as the next generations should be brought up on these values.

"Today we attend a milestone event - the unveiling of two busts to the heroes of World War II, twice Heroes of the Soviet Union, to the people, whose deed should inspire and encourage us to be honest defenders of our country," Azarov noted.

According to the Prime Minister, there will also be installed monuments to tankers, infantrymen and guerrillas in future.

Azarov stressed that opening of the Alley of Military Glory is intended primarily for present and future generations.

"It is not intended to the heroes. It is necessary for the future generations, so that they always know that none of the heroes is forgotten. The descendants of these people will bring up the best qualities, essential to us now: patriotism, love for country, willingness to sacrifice. The qualities, which are rare now," the Prime Minister said.

Azarov added that the memory for the heroes lays the foundation of the state.


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