Russia refused to participate in consultations on the future use of the Ukrainian gas transportation system (GTS) in Brussels on May 3.

"The Russian party refused to participate in the consultations, which will be held at the site of the EU in Brussels about the prospects of the Ukrainian GTS," Russian Ambassador to Ukraine Mikhail Zurabov told a briefing in Kyiv.

He explained that the Russian party took such decision as Moscow is critical of the establishment of a trilateral gas consortium to manage the Ukrainian gas transportation system.

In particular, according to the ambassador, the European party has yet to confirm the volume of consumption of Russian gas, which will go through the Ukrainian gas transportation system.

"We still have a situation of understatement," the diplomat noted.

In addition, Zurabov referred to the fact that the Ukrainian legislation clearly tailored to the requirements of the EU and on the basis of Ukraine's membership in the European Energy Community.


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