The Customs Union countries are important trade partners of Ukraine. For further development of cooperation with them, Ukraine strives for getting observer status in the Customs Union and studies the processes, occurring in this association. Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuri Boiko said in interview to the Inter Ukrainian TV channel.

"The President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych instructed to study the experience of the countries of the Customs Union. For us, it is essential, at least not to lose the level of trade turnover with these countries - today it is more than 60 billion dollars. We should have an observer status to fully understand what happens and not to lose trade turnover. Today there are negotiations on granting Ukraine observer status at the Eurasian Economic Commission," Boiko noted.

Vice Prime Minister added that negotiations now take place on a bilateral basis.

"We are now negotiating bilaterally with our partners: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia. After this process is completed, we will negotiate with the Eurasian Commission," he said.

Boiko added that there have been made a lot of statements about cooperation between Ukraine and the Customs Union and the European Union, but most of them have been purely political and not based on economic calculations.

He noted that observer status will allow Ukraine to accurately assess the pros and cons of the Customs Union.


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