Introduction of vaccination against human papillomavirus into the calendar of obligatory vaccinations in Ukraine will reduce the incidence of cervix cancer, chief pediatric immunologist of the Kyiv healthcare department Fedir Lapiy told a briefing, ForUm correspondent reports.

"I am often asked about reasonability of vaccination against human papillomavirus. The answer is: woman does not need cervix cancer, family does not need to lose a mother. We can prevent this disease in more than 70% of cases today. It is quality enough and reliable vaccine. The United States, Canada and many countries in Latin America, Europe do vaccination against cervix cancer. Girls are vaccinated in Western countries. The United States has begun vaccinating women up to 29 years and men up to 25 years old. Ukraine should follow a civilized way," he said.

Doctor stressed that it’s most effectively to do vaccination before sexual debut. According to him, there are two registered vaccines in Ukraine.

"Vaccination is carried out since 9 and 10 years. Vaccinations are available in the private licensed health care facilities. Furthermore, there are regional programs. Dnipropetrovsk region for several years gets funds for the purchase of the vaccine. If I'm not mistaken, Kharkiv also has such a program. I think that as long as the government does not introduce this vaccine in the calendar, we need to support regional programs and inform the people," he concluded.



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